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“Because we are specialists, clients know that we are familiar with the use of trust structures as a way of preserving wealth for future generations”
David Pollock BSc FCA CTA

D: 020 7681 9043
E: david.pollock@hilloldridge.com
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Julian Hill Cert PFS
Chief Executive

D: 020 7681 8793
E: julian.hill@hilloldridge.com
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Dan Garcia Cert PFS
Director, Client Services

D: 020 7681 8789
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Jim Spicer BSc Dip PFS Cert CII (MP)
Pensions Consultant

D: 020 7681 8796
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Peter Oakes

D: 020 7681 9046
E :peter.oakes@hilloldridge.com
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Laurence Wilson

T: 020 7831 2332
E: laurence.wilson@hilloldridge.com.
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Sara Smithson

T: 020 7831 2332
E: sara.smithson@hilloldridge.com.
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Jim Spicer
Pensions Consultant

Jim joined Hill Oldridge in 2006 and is the company’s pension expert. He has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, having previously worked for a major international insurance company.

Jim has wide experience of advising both individual and corporate clients on pension and investment matters. He has been involved in setting up several group pension schemes in recent years, but has also advised on the winding down of such schemes and the transfer of final salary schemes into personal pension arrangements.

Jim holds a Diploma Level 4 qualification which meets the new professional standards required by the FSA.
Hill Oldridge is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority